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10 Fun Family Game Ideas To Play At Home

The global pandemic brought on by the coronavirus has given us a unique opportunity to spend more time with our families. Family games have turned out to be a much-awaited event every weekend for those who are not yet stepping outside their homes. Some of the games described below account for some of the best childhood memories that we have. Why not play these with your family and help them make memories too?

  1. Family album making: This is one of the simplest but fun ways to get the whole family together. You can select a place, like a family-size tent, where it is possible to do crafts. Each person is asked to bring colored copies of photos that can be made into a family photo album. You can even decorate your page in a unique to make the album more appealing and special.
  2. Pass It On: This can be a hilarious and fun game option where you do not have to be an artist to play it right. You are expected to draw what you can see and then guess the drawing for unpredictable and funny outcomes.
  3. Paper telephone: Here, everyone gathers around in a circle to write down a sentence or phrase. The paper gets passed onto the next player who will have to draw what he reads. He then folds it to hide this phrase and hands it over to another who must continue.
  4. Charades: This has always been a popular game option for families. You can divide the total number of family members into two groups and have one from every group act out the name of a movie or book or TV show. His teammates are expected to guess this rightly. The team that guesses the most correctly wins the game.
  5. Taboo: This is about making your team guess words without you using that word. You can make two teams and develop as many words as possible to choose from. The team that manages to guess the highest number of correct answers is the winner.
  6. Bananagrams: Every player is provided with letter tiles to create words fast. When players have started to use up the tiles, they may have to borrow extra tiles from the pool. As the number of tiles starts diminishing, very few tiles remain. When the pool is over the first player who has used up all the tiles has to yell “Bananas” to win.
  7. Botticelli: In this fun-filled game, every member must don the persona of some celebrity and he will only provide the personality’s initials as clue. The others are expected to guess his identity by asking him questions to which he can give answers only in “yes” or “no”.
  8. Ghost: Here, a player must name any letter of the alphabet and the others keep adding letters to spell a word they have in mind. The idea is to avoid completing words because once he does; he will be given a letter from the word “ghost”. Once the player has all 5 letters in ghost, he has to quit.
  9. Questions: A player thinks of some object and informs others whether it is a mineral, vegetable, or animal. Others must ask a maximum of 20 questions to guess this right but answers can only be in “yes” or “no”.
  10. How do you doo: This game is like “Name That Tune” but here you will take turns to see how many tracks your team can guess within 5 minutes. You can only sing  the word “doo” and nothing else.

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